To The Parents…

To the parents of the unsupervised children in our apartment complex: why do you feel that your kids are OK to go where they want and do what they want around the apartment complex.  Do you not realize that there are hundreds of other people living there besides you and your children.  People pay for covered parking spots to keep their cars close by and protected, not so that kids can play around them.  We have a playground, a basketball court, plenty of other room for kids to play, and there are quite a few places around the apartment building perfect for kids to ride bikes, throw balls, and run around safely in.  I loved Cypress Creek Apartments in Georgetown when I first moved in, but it seems now that the trashy population has started taking it over.  Guess that’s what happens with low income housing.

Just tired of the lack of supervision and discipline with kids these days.  It is very disappointing seeing future generations being brought up so laxly and with so little respect and concern for others.
Well, that takes care of my rant for today and gets me a new updated post on my blog.

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